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03 February 2008 @ 10:16 pm
These are just a few questions that I would like to address; if you have a question not already covered, feel free to comment on this post and ask it. I will respond as soon as possible. :D

Q: If I write for something like “Interviews,” does it have to include one?
A: Absolutely not. Let the prompts inspire you, not inhibit you.

Q: Do the characters have to be a certain age, or in current time?
A: Nope. I’d love to read some fic about their childhoods or futures, wouldn’t you?

Q: Can other characters be in the fanfiction?
A: Feel free to include whoever you like. Original characters as well.

Q: Can it be Alternate Universe? Or in letter form? Or –
A: It can be done however you want it.

Q: Can I share the table with someone else, or co-author the fics?
A: Yes, you may. I'm a big supporter of collaborated fanfic. :D

Q: Can I use fakecuts?
A: If you must. But please don’t link to locked entries!
And please note that fanfiction posted elsewhere and linked here is not our problem. We are in no way obligated to keep anyone - including members, or the mods themselves - from leaving rude reviews or comments.

Q: How about x-posting?
A: Of course! I’m not going to keep your fic all to my own community. :P

Q: Should I tag my posts?
A: No, I'll take care of tagging all posts myself. Thank you for offering, though.

Q: Can I claim a NextGen OC and not a canon character?
Only if it is part of a pairing/threesome/moresome involving a canon character. You may not claim an OC by itself, or with just another OC.

Q: May we pair a NextGen character with a character of another generation, like Neville/James?
A: Yes you may. :D
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