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NextGen Prompts

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Fanfiction Prompts for the Next Generation of Harry Potter
About NextGen Prompts
Welcome to NextGen Prompts – one of the first challenge-oriented fanfiction communities made entirely for the “Next Generation” of Harry Potter. Whether you enjoy writing for Teddy Lupin, Rose Weasley, or the twins Lorcan and Lysander – you’re certain to find inspiration in the prompts this community offers!

How It Works
Prompt communities such as this one often look very complicated and restricting, but NextGen Prompts is actually extremely simple! If you have a favorite Next Generation pairing (threesome, moresome, etc) or character, you’re already halfway finished!

After reading the rules listed below, have a look at our Prompt Tables (and our Special Tables) to see if any of them interest you (a good indication that it’s the right table for you is if a plot or two pops in your head as soon as you skim over the words). Then check the Claims List to see if your favorite character or relationship is taken less than three times – if it isn’t, simply follow the directions and sign up for it yourself! (If it is, you’re welcome to sign up for another table, or wait until your claim/table is free).

In this community, there are no complicated tags or conditions to worry about – your lovely moderator jthecliche tags all of your entries for you, and there are no time limits for finishing your table.

So if you write Next Generation fic and are itching to take your fanfiction to the next level, take a look at what our community has to offer – you might find yourself writing more (and better) fanfiction than you ever have before!

Community Affiliates
If you would like to be our affiliate, please leave a comment here.

NextGen Prompt Rules Quick Links

o1. When posting your fanfic on this community, always follow this format:
Claim and Table/Prompt:

Always clearly label your fic’s warnings – such as for sexual content, obscure fetishes, death, violence, language, etc.
Summaries draw readers in, so make certain you’ve provided a clearly written one so readers know what they’re clicking.
o2. Do not tag your entries, even if you are familiar with our system. We will do it for you.
o3. Fake cuts are acceptable, providing the entry they link to will never be locked. Moderators will delete submissions linking to locked entries.
o4. All fanfiction must be at least 100 words to be submitted.
o5. Tables are to be posted in your own journal only, and not in the community itself. Feel free to place a link to it in your submissions, however.
o6. Wait until a moderator adds your claim to the list before posting fanfiction for it.
o7. Reviews are to be polite and helpful; rudeness, flaming, and disrespect towards any member or their fanfiction could result in both you and your submitted fics being removed from the community.
o8. All fanfiction that is rated R or higher must be friendslocked on the community.

See the Claims Post for additional Claims rules.

For more rules on submissions, or if you have any questions, see the FAQ
NextGen Prompt FAQ

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Tables A - C

Special Tables

Claimed List
Table A
None by None

Table B
Albus/OFC by akikko [ Table ]

Table C
Albus by slytherin_wifey [ Table ]

Kink Table
Lysander/Lorcan by akikko [ Table ]
Victoire by slytherin_wifey [ Table ]
Teddy/Victoire/James by jthecliche [ Table ]