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03 February 2008 @ 10:09 pm
Special Tables  
Looking for inspiration to write some good old fashioned porn involving the Next Generation? Some prompts to help you to explore the sexual escapades of Albus Severus, or Louis/Victoire? Look no further!

Kink Table
01.Aphrodisiac Potion 02.Blindfold 03.Candle Wax 04.Collar 05.Crossdressing
06.Feather 07.Dildo/Vibrator 08.Exhibitionist 09.First Time 10.Food Sex
11.Gag 12.Handcuffs 13.Icecubes 14.Marking 15.Massage
16.Masturbation 17.Master/Slave 18.Mile High Broom Club 19.Forbidden Forest 20.Orgasm Denial
21.Silencing Spell 22.Piercing 23.Quickie 24.Roleplaying 25.Whip/crop/paddle
26.Voyeur 27.Fetish 1 28.Fetish 2 29.Fetish 3 30.Fetish 4

You may choose any fetish, play, toy, or kinky spell to place in the “Fetish 1/2/3/4” prompts, (such as medical fetish, pony play, age play, an asphyxiation spell, etc). You may also replace up to two prompts that you are not interested in writing for, substituting them as you would the Fetish slots.

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