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03 February 2008 @ 09:36 pm
Tables A - C  
Feel free to copy and paste your desired table in your own livejournal to track your progress!

Table A
01.Sorting 02.Trials 03.Detention 04.Parting 05.Accident
06.Headmaster 07.The DA 08.Feast 09.Surprise 10.Illness
11.Christmas 12.Private 13.Snowing 14.Broomstick 15.Poison
16.Always 17.Learning 18.Separate 19.Muggles 20.Success
21.History 22.Giant Squid 23.Portrait 24.Knight 25.Canary
26.Stars 27.Library 28.Pirate 29.Anger 30.Delicate

Table B
01.Proper 02.Unicorn 03.Corridor 04.Summer 05.Forest
06.Chicken 07.Class 08.Exploration 09.Liars 10.Broken
11.Chamber 12.London 13.Stolen 14.Felix 15.Nightmare
16.Insecure 17.Tower 18.Wand 19.Vacation 20.Fancying
21.Wheels 22.Concert 23.Candidate 24.Passion 25.Execute
26.Support 27.Head 28.Daily Prophet 29.Restraint 30.Common

Table C
01.Clouds 02.Quidditch 03.Question 04.Fame 05.Prevention
06.Adult 07.Stereotype 08.Seven 09.Hospital 10.Pureblood
11.Breakfast 12.Rivalry 13.Teasing 14.Dragon 15.Birthday
16.Deathday 17.Showers 18.May 19.OWLs 20.Gold
21.Electricity 22.Afternoon 23.Lake 24.Dungeon 25.Hufflepuff
26.Teaching 27.Pardon 28.Azkaban 29.Ghost 30.Confused

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